Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I hate the full moon. Turns the dogs into little monsters. And turns people into dumb-asses. Actually, the people are probably always dumb-asses. The full moon just makes them worse ~sigh~.

Our walk was fine till we hit the main street in Avalon. It was pretty crowded and I saw a little SharPei before they did. I knew they’d flip so I moved them off to the side into a drive way. Made them Sit & Watch me, which worked for about 10 seconds. The guy walking the SharPei had it on a flexi and as the dog got closer, my dogs went nuts. And what did the guy do? He just let his dog run to the end of the flexi toward my dogs, as they are flipping out. IDIOT! I yell “Excuse Me!!!” and he comes back to earth, reels his dog in & gives me a dirty look. I tell him he’s rude & we go on our way. They were fine for the rest of the walk.

Guess I have more Attention work to do…