Sunday, October 19, 2008

The letter M...

My Rottenbuddy, Ben gave me the letter M to play in the Letter Game. My job is to name 10 things I love that start with the letter M. This is gonna be tooooo easy!!

In no particular order...except #1....

1. MOM!!!! Duh...she's best friend and favorite person on earth.

2. Moles...or rather, hunting and killing moles.

3. Merrick. Oh how I love this stuff!

Even if it does come in a pink bag and has "Senior" written on it. I think the Senior part is just a joke. Ahahahahahaaaaa!

4. My Aunties...they take very good care of me.

5. Meat! I don't really discriminate here. I love all kinds of meat, really. And this just might be the most beautiful picture I've ever seen...

6. Heath Miller...OK, OK, my Mom, like, LOVES him...see #1. If he wants to be my new Dad, I think that would be all right.

7. The Mailman...actually, I really don't like the mailman...but I love getting Mail. Speaking of which, look what I found in the basement! This is the most horrendous crime of the century. Apparently we still have so many boxes that are unpacked, that Mom missed this big box of cookies FOR ME! From my true love, DOT SPOT. I have a lot more to say about this in a whole other post...

8. Mrs. Howard Stern... Mom is a Howard Stern junkie and so am I...see #1. And his new wife, Beth, is totally Pawesome. She's from Pittsburgh, she's running the NY marathon to raise money for the North Shore Animal League and she's raised almost a BILLION DOLLARS already (more like $150,000...but hey, that's a lot of chewie $$!) and check out this picture of her & a smashingly handsome boy named Moose (who needs a home)!!

I'm not sure who's better looking, BethO or Moose but I have a feeling...Mrs. Stern would totally dig me!

9. Marrow Bones! One word...Yum-O!

10. ME!! Love comes from within...and you gotta love yourself first before you can spread the love to others. Yes, I'm very profound. And I'm pretty darn handsome too, if I do say so myself!

If anyone else wants to play, let me know & I'll give you a letter...

Thanks for letting me play Ben, and give your Mum a big, fat smoocheroni from me!