Sunday, October 12, 2008


Hey DWB's! Dad FINALLY let me get on the computer to say HI! I have to apologize, I've been really busy lately.

I don't think Dad realized how tough being a single father would be, so I've been helping him! Lola too!

Landscaping around the house...

Making the bed...

Keeping the yard Rodent free ...(Sherman's old job) :)

It's hard work! I'm beat!

Well, I gotta run - I think I just heard the buzzer on the dryer go off!

Pee-S: Could you guys remind my dad how much I love walkies? I think he forgot!
We're doing great and miss you all - Woof at you soon!

Pee-S.S.: There is no need to mail my Dad a big box of poop now, Joey.

Lots of love and butt wiggles...