Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Story...by Sherman

Hey Doggies (and GG)...you may want to get comfortable. I have a little story to tell ya. Grab a bone and a cool spot on the floor and enjoy.

So we have this little tear in the screen on our back door. You may recall this is not the only broken screen this house has seen & Dad just keeps rigging it so bugs really don't get in but it keeps coming loose.

So Saturday, Lola & I were chillin at home with Dad while Mom & Penny were doing girly stuff.

Dad was playing video games (it's OK Dad, you can admit it) when he saw a hairy fat rodent walk into the kitchen toward the back door. He jumped up and screamed "WTF???" and it woke me up. He tried to run after the varment but I pushed him out of the way and took control of the situation. I cornered the little bugger and he went like this!

Dad & Lola were huddled on top of the dining room table and I grabbed the stupid rat thing and shook in hard. It tried to bite me many, MANY times but I was too quick. I threw it to the ground and stomped on it with my giant Sherman feet and then bit it in the head again. I crunched down hard and it went "EEEeeekkk!" and then I crunched it all over it's body till it was dead.

Dad got down from the table and said "Thank you Sherman, I was wondering what we were going to have for lunch. You sure do earn your keep around here".

Yes Sir...I certainly do.

The End.


We really did have a Possum in our house on Sunday. Looks like a Rat, huh???

But Sniffy McSnifferton didn't even wake up. Scott got the Dogs upstairs and the little thing outside went back outside. When I asked Scott what happened to it, he said "I took care of it". To which I replied..."Where did you find a Have-A-Heart trap???"

I don't wanna know.