Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lotsa stuff going on!

First of all, let me say it again...our DWB buddies are totally awesome!! Not only do they keep us company and make us laugh, they are exceptionally generous.

Fei and Eve had a pledge going on at the beginning of the month:

I will donate to an animal rescue organisation/ shelter of my choice but only if 25 other Dogs with Blogs members will too.— fei and eve

I thought this was a great idea and immediately joined the pledge. And it was a success!! Our donation will be going to the Butler County Humane Society, the shelter Sherman came from. And he's the reason I'm such a crazy dog person.

That's right...I made my Mom crazy. But in a good way.

And now, Gomer & Opie are having a 10k race for charity that is wonderful. You're gonna have to go & check out their blog to get all the details. But their Mom is super cool!

Lorenza tagged us to tell yinz guys a little bit about the human part of our family...that would be Scott and I (more I b/c *I* maintain this blog!). We have very few pictures of us together, but here is one from our trip to Mexico a couple of years ago.

Scott & I met at work and still work together. In fact, if I turn my head to the right...there he is, crunching numbers. No, we do not drive to work together (we need 10 minutes away from each other!) and no, working together is not a problem (most days). Our jobs are pretty boring...we work in finance, how exciting can that be??? But we're pretty happy and have been with the same company for a looooong time (10 years for me).

We're not having human kids...3 dogs are enough. We'll get married eventually, but we're pretty content with life as is.

As far as my life outside of the Dogs, I have to's pretty boring. I watch a ton of cooking shows & have boatload of cookbooks. I like to cook, but don't do it often. Scott is kind of picky (yes, are) and it's no fun cooking for just myself. But I love to, sandwiches, Mexican, Italian, greasy bar that order. I love TV (my favorites are on the links list In My Free Time) and watch a lot of movies in the winter. The only sport I really watch is (american) football, and I plan my whole Sunday around the Steeler games. I like hockey too.

Other than that...there's not much to tell. Really, I'm that boring. But...this is my life. And this is my happiness:

Now I get to tag three lucky hoomans! Of course, I'm gonna tag Wally, Suki and Dot-Spot!! Mwwwaaahhhhhhhhh! Tell us about your families!