Monday, January 07, 2008

We lost but got awards!

You guys probably heard the bad news from Joe Stains...the Steelers lost. I have been moping around the house for two days.

Luckily, Echo knew I'd be depressed and gave me this award! Echo, you made MY day!

I'm passing it on to the dude that aways makes me smile, my BFF Mr. Corgador. And my best girl, Dot-Spot. And my sweet young Diva, miss Stella Bean Latifah

Canine Kids also recognized us as Bloggers of the World!

This is a super cool & special award! One of the greatest things about being part of DWBs is "meeting" other Dogs from all over the world. We may be global, but it still feels like one happy little family. So we're passing this onto some of our favorite international blogging buddies:

Pippa in Spain

Momo & Pinot in Canada

The Wigglebutts in Norway

Marvin in Scotland

Amber in Malaysia

Harry & Cassidy in England

Hammer & Crew in Oz

Lorenza in Mexico

and Huskee in Singapore

Speaking of guys may recall he has a little wedding coming up in the near future. He has accepted my offer to help plan the bachelor pawty and let me tell's gonna be a blow out! Stan, do you think you could sweet talk Ruby into letting us borrow the jet to fly to Singapaw? I'm thinking cigars, poker, chickenbacks & bully sticks...and I'm gonna try to get some hotties from the PlayDog Mansion to come & provide the entertainment. Hubba Hubba! All DWB boyz are invited.

January there or be square!!!