Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not for Massah!!!

MASSAH! You are not allowed to read this! It's PRIVATE, 'kay?

Mom is always saying "Not For Lola" about things I'm not allowed to have (which I think is very stupid...EVERYTHING should be for Lola!) But now I can say Not For Massah!! You can read posts again tomorrow.

Do as the Diva says...

So a couple pups wanted to know about the secret present Tadpole sent me. I wasn't gonna tell, but figured I share everything else with you guys...why not? Plus you'll probably be a little jealous. And Divas love making people jealous.

Here it is. Tadpole sent me one of his sweaters!!! I do get a little cold in the winter because my fur is very short. I thought that was very considerate of him.

Isn't it cute?

I sniffed it all over (and chewed on it a bit) and let me tell smelled very manly. I couldn't wait to put it on!!!!

But there was one little problem.

Um, Tadpole? It doesn't fit.

Shoot!! Mom hung it in my jail so I could smell Tad all morning while I wait for her to come home. It's BETTER than a picture of him!!

So there it is. Sorry...I'm not very good a keeping secrets.

But with a face like this...who cares!!

And...Charlie & CoCo are back!!! Yeah! I thought when they moved to Kansas City they were leaving all of their blogger buddies behind. But they came back! Yahooie!

Stop by & welcome them home.