Tuesday, February 12, 2008

He's not just a handsome devil...

So over the weekend we got this little envelope in the mail.

Mom said it was from that one big handsome devil, Mr. Bogart! He IS pretty darn handsome.

Apparently, in addition to being handsome, he is also a fantastic maker of treats. And as I am the Queen Taste Tester of Treats, he wanted to know what I think.

You see, Sherman and Lola will eat just about anything (not a big surprise with Sherman). But I am quite particular about what I eat, so I'm an excellent judge of deliciousness. He sent us chicken breast & beef heart...I like the sound of that already.

(sorry it's a little dark). If you can't tell, we give these treats 4 Paws Up! Thank you for our goodies Bogart.

And as usual, we're behind on our tags. We've been tagged by
Kathryn & Ari, Little Maeby, and Big Boy Mango to list seven previously unknown things about us. Since this is my post, here are 7 things you (probably) didn't know about Penny:

1. My feet smell like Fritos. Dad calls me Frito feet.

2. I hate reading. Actually I hate when the humans read. I step all over their books and papers and snort in their face so they'll stop & pay attention to me.

3. I love to lay in the sun. Even when it's 90 degrees out.

4. When I'm happy to see you, I snort & show you all of my teeth. Mom has been trying to get this on video but can't. Maybe one day.

5. My muzzle started turning white when I was 2

6. I have my own couch. I sometimes share it with Lola...if she's being annoying & insists on snuggling with me.

7. Last week on our walk...I peed on Sherman's head! Bahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!

As we're so late, you've all probably been tagged for this game. If not, tag yourself!