Friday, May 26, 2006

I took the day off so Mom & I could have our annual gardening day. Every year my Mom graciously comes over to help me weed out my garden and assists me in planting some new Perennials. I have no idea the difference between a weed & a new seedling so her presence is much needed.

I love to tell the story of our first year at the house when I was prepping the front flower bed to plant some petunias. I was tilling the dirt & said to Scott "What the hell did they plant so many onions for? There must be 100 onion plants in here!!". So I pulled them all out & we had no tulips that year.

Well it was spitting rain all morning so Mom & I went to the nursery & then to lunch. By early afternoon it had cleared up enough do to some planting & it only took a couple hours to get the garden in pretty good shape. Just some mulching & we should be looking good.