Saturday, January 07, 2006

I had Lily & Jez, two of the neighborhood kids, over to play w/ the dogs today. I put Sherman & Penny upstairs b/c they can be really jumpy & rough w/ kids. Lola seems to love kids. I'm very happy about that. She is pretty nippy w/ them, Jez in particular (she also seems more fond of men). It starts out as a lot of licking, then they giggle and the nipping starts. Since the kids like coming over to help, I'll take advantage of that and let them help me train her.

We took a quick car ride later, just to get her used to being in the car. I drove about 1/4 mile to Kuhn's. We just sat in the car & she looked out the window & observed. She was a little nervous & shivered a bit, but I had her sit in my lap & fed her chicken when someone walked by. We stayed about 15 minutes & then went home.