Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lola had class tonight. I almost didn't take her b/c one of her eyes has been red & goopy. But I talked to the vet & I'm to flush it 4x per day w/ Tears and keep it dry w/ cotton. She's not contagious as S&P are fine so I figured she could use the practice.

Boy am I glad I took her! First of all, Shelley (and her asst. Darla) both reminded me that Lola is very young and most likely will grow out of this reactive stage. Just keep working w/ her & take it slow. That made me feel better. Second...she was outstanding. We worked a lot on eye contact & name recognition. Her stays are getting better although, my homework is to stop the DownStays & only work on SitStays this week. Lola tends to slide into a down after 6 or 7 seconds of sitting. We did 2 recalls...the first one she flew to me like she was shot out of a cannon. The second started that way, but I am no match for another puppy she's been playing bowing w/ all night. She eventually did come though, so I was pleased. Her heeling & LLW were great too. I just need to keep plugging at it.