Wednesday, April 11, 2007

For our buddy Marvin

The Marvelous Marvin from Scotland is quite enamored with little Lola.

He's a very handsome fella! And not only did he dedicate this Wednesday's Tail Wag to her, he sent her a poem!!

Lola, Lola, how you go girl
Lola, Lola, please give me a twirl!
You are such a sweetheart, a real photo treat!
Every picture I see, makes me want to meet!
I love your sweet face, you are just perfection you see!
I look each day on your Blog the views mean the very best to me......
Lola, Lola, I will tell you a this, My name is Marvin and I would give you a kiss!
My poetry is confused and not good, because Jeannie laughs so much at all your pictures, it distracts my poetic muse!

Wonder what parts about Lola he likes best? (pardon the rather Dr. Seuss-ish prose)

Does he like the Dot...

Or the Spot?

The jowly mush...

Or the cute little tush?

Flying through the air...

Or sittin' in a chair?

Hope those pics left your Jeannie weeping,

But we prefer Lola...SLEEPING!!!

"Are you done yet?"

You made our day Marvin!!