Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's almost Pawty Time!

Hello my Pretties!

Yinz guys may think I'm going to miss Sherman this weekend...especially given his new-found fondness of me. I'll admit, I like sitting next to him without getting grumped at.

But I am very much looking forward to our Big 70s Disco Pawty!!! I'm hoping everypup can come. If they don't, I will spend the entire night looking like this.

We're all SET! The ABBA tribute band is booked, the disco ball is arriving Saturday afternoon, I broke out the lava lamp AND my special bell-bottomed leisure suit!!

I really hope MY Marvin can make it...and MY BFF Tadpole. And MY Pirate Zimmie. And MY Fabulous friend Ruby. And MY Diva gal Asta. And MY Black Furry Friend, Wally (Ha! Take that Shermie!). And all of MY (and Penny's) DWB bestest friends!!

Can you hear me calling for you????

See ya at the Pawty...Saturday Night!