Friday, March 30, 2007

Foto Shoot Friday (and the Cuz)

YEAH! Spring is here! And the stupid ice storm didn't kill my dafodils!

I noticed lots of dogs take one day of the week and reserve it for a special post. Flash Friday, Wordless Wednesday, Love Thursday, Tanner Tuesday. Well, The Dogs are gonna start having Foto Shoot Friday!

We have 2 shots to end the month of March. It was really sunny...hence the squinting.

So it seems that every pup loves the Cuz! I noticed recent posts from Texas & Opy worshipping the Cuz & my crew just doesn't get it. I bought a whole bunch a while back and no one was interested. Lola has this disgusting giant green ball that barely fits in her mouth.

And that's all she wants to play with.

I gave most of them away but found a DinoCuz in with the yard toys.

"Nope...where's my ball?"

"You're not's dirty. A princess does not do dirty."

"Hmmmm...I know that smell!"


Yes. I put a liver brownie in between the Cuz's feet so I can say that The Dogs are not so weird & one of them actually "played" with one.

I just want them to be normal!! Is that so wrong????