Monday, November 05, 2007

MNF & Pressies from Singapaw!!

Our boys in Black & Gold play those Baltimore Losers tonight in Monday Night Football! We are are ready for you Dirty Birds!

While Penny & Lola would make pretty good wide receivers and I would make a stellar running back (just like my favorite guy, The Bus), we look like a pretty tuff Steel Curtain when we have on our game faces.

We're gonna send you stupid Ravens back to Baltimore in a bunch of broken little pieces!!

Now, on to more important things. I got Pressies from Singapaw!! Everyone's favorite hamster, Girl Girl sent me a bootiful bandana and Sunshine stuffie! She must know I'm just like a ray of sunshine.

Sorry, GG...I had to rearrange Sunny's face a little.

And that cool little dude, Huskee Boy sent me a big box of goodies! Yummy treats & stuffies...and I guess I'll share with Sherman & Penny.

Penny just loves those Salmon Snacks and I guess I'll let Sherman share the Cheese Sticks. He can I LOVE cheese!

But guess which toy I liked the bestest??? Yep, that's right...the TENNIS BALL! And it's on a rope!

Come On! Let me at it.

I'll roll it...

And chew it...
And TUGggggggg....

Thanks for all these great gifts Huskee & Girl Girl! You are too kind.