Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trip with Mom to the Park

This is such a beautiful time of year in the 'burgh. All of the leaves are changing into beautiful colors and the temperature is perfect.

So I said, Hey Mom! Let's go to the Park!!

Mom put me on this super long leash so I'd have room to run and explore. I blend in wit h the leaves so well...bet you can't even find me in this picture!

So why do I have to be on a leash at all? Weelllllll, there are lots & lots of deer roaming around the park this time of year. And I have excellent radar...I spot them from a mile away and point them out.

I see one!

I see another one!

And I would chase them if given the chance. Hence the leash. Mom has some crazy, irrational fear of me getting hooved to death. Whatever.

I found a nice spot for some roaching...in a big pile of stinky stuff. Please ignore her stupid voice...

There were so many leaves covering the trail, we almost got lost! But I sniffed out the way...

I say...let's go RIGHT!

I also got to run in a big field and burn off some steam. I LOVE to run!!!

It was the perfect day at the park. I love spending time with my Mom...without the little white maniac tagging along.

This picture is for you, Peanut!