Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hey Puppers!

We've been having some pretty yucky weather lately...snow then rain then snow then rain then snow then rain then rain and rain and rain and more stupid RAIN!

But tonight when Mom came home from work, we all went outside to this! 25 degrees??? That is NOT Joeypalooza weather at all!!

But it is kind fun. All we've had here is slush...and that does not make running around much fun at all.

But tonight we had some huge flakes...I knew that was the start of something fun!

Sherman spent part of the evening trying to catch snowflakes on his nose...um, needless to say he's not real coordinated.

After 5 minutes outside, we had a good laugh at the chubby, black, abomidable snowman!
Lola & I played for a little while in the snow

& then I just stood around looking beautiful.

Peanut, Tucker, Pippa, Kaiser...any of you boyz wanna come wrassle in the snow with me???

Pee Ess....Lola got some great presents in the mail from Princess Snowball and she promises to post about them soon!!