Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cold + Rain = CHEWIES!!!!

After an amazingly gorgeous weekend, it's turned cold & rainly...again. So how do we pass the time? CHEWIES!!!

Our favorite is Bully dogs go absolutely NUTS over these. They don't last as long as a bully stick, but I get 15 - 20 minutes of chew time from them. They are very digestable (Lola was having digestive problems from bullies) and inexpensive.

I get them from the absolute best place on the 'Net for chew treats I've found...K9 Raw Diet. Their prices are great (giant foot long bully sticks for $4!), the shipping very reasonable and the most outstanding customer service around. They've just started selling the straps in bulk...which I'm thrilled about.

Sherman has to chew facing away from the girls as he can be a brat about stealing stuff. What's his is his & what's yours is his.

Chew, chew, chew...

and chew...

and chew!

They look like perfectly behaved angels, don't they???

Peanut's Mom told me how to find out what Google searches lead people to your blog. Most of our visitors stop by via links on other blogs or the DWB site. There were a couple of Google searches and most were uneventful...Dogs of Jackman Ave (duh!), Sensation Harness & Western Avenue. But the last search was classic...Hung Jackman in his underwear!! HA! I'll bet they were disappointed when the stumbled onto our blog!!