Thursday, August 16, 2007

Presents from my LOVE Dot-Spot


I got this great present from my true love, Dot Spot over the weekend & Mom wouldn't let me open until she fixed her stupid camera. But Today is the Day!!

Even the bag looks just like her!

And I got a special letter from my special girl.

Dot is very smart ...she knows that you need to suck up to the Mom a little bit. Mom got this great book that she's going to read to me, a book mark & an Alert sticker so if our house is in trouble, the good guys know to look for us! that jerky I see behind the book? I don't think that's for Mom! Why isn't it in my belly????

And she got these little cutters to make our salmon cookies pretty! Mine, of course, will be the GIANT heart.

And check out all of these stuffies!!! Mom said she knew which one I would like best before she even gave them out.

And she was right!!!

Thank you Brat Pack for all of our presents!! We're stylin' now!

And the best gift of all! Dot & her Mom made me this video for my Gotcha Day. It made Mom's eyes leak and I got lots of hugs. You guys are these bestest!!!