Friday, February 08, 2008

TGIF....or not

Hey Puppers! I'm so glad it's Friday! The weekends are the bestest because Mom & Dad are free from earning Chewie money and get to spend lots of time with us.

I was particularly excited tonight because I got to start out my weekend with a super special walkie...just me & Mom. Out on the town alone! Yahooooie!!

I still have to sit at every intersection, but who cares! Let's go Mom!

I've got Pee-mail to spread over the whole neighborhood!

We walked about 10 minutes then ended up at this place...the NICE people live here !

I love going to my V.E.T. ! They're super nice there. They call me a sweet old man...I prefer mature, but whatever gets me treats is fine with me. Mom was a little worried about some of the "big-boned" tumors I have. I've heard the humans call them Fatty but the F word is not allowed in my presence.

So I had a stoopid stick shoved up my butt (my temp is normal) and I had to get on the scale. Mom almost fell over when it read 58.8 lbs but that was b/c I was squirming a bit (OK...a LOT). When she made me sit, it registered at a svelte 54.4 lbs...a whole .4 lbs than my last weigh in. I rock! I've figured out how to diet AND eat chicken backs till my heart's content. In fact, I should have MORE chicken backs to get me back to my normal weight.

I have 4 Big Boned tumors. The special lady doctor said I'm handsome (and I AM) & checked me over real good. She felt around all of my rippling muscles and gave me a massage. But then, she took out a needle and made Mom snuggle on my head. The needle was like 24 inches long and she stuck it in my Biggest Boned tumor...and I screamed. Mom said I sounded like a little girl but hurt.(And Dot...I was very TUFF, I assure you...Mom lies.) Special Lady Doctor confirmed that it was just a BB tumor and I don't have to worry about it any more.

I do have a little bitty NON big boned tumor that the special lady wants to remove & send to the CIA for proof of my Pawesomeness but they have to do a bunch of blood work first to ensure my liver and kidneys and heart are A-OK...which I'm sure they SUPER STRONG. That'll be in a couple of weeks.

So, I'll have to get that funny laughie juice and will sleep for a while and get lots of snuggles and special treatment afterward. That doesn't sound so bad.

Oh and I have to have a toof cleaned up then too. Feel the love, my man Joe Stains.