Friday, February 08, 2008

TGIF....or not

Hey Puppers! I'm so glad it's Friday! The weekends are the bestest because Mom & Dad are free from earning Chewie money and get to spend lots of time with us.

I was particularly excited tonight because I got to start out my weekend with a super special walkie...just me & Mom. Out on the town alone! Yahooooie!!

I still have to sit at every intersection, but who cares! Let's go Mom!

I've got Pee-mail to spread over the whole neighborhood!

We walked about 10 minutes then ended up at this place...the NICE people live here !

I love going to my V.E.T. ! They're super nice there. They call me a sweet old man...I prefer mature, but whatever gets me treats is fine with me. Mom was a little worried about some of the "big-boned" tumors I have. I've heard the humans call them Fatty but the F word is not allowed in my presence.

So I had a stoopid stick shoved up my butt (my temp is normal) and I had to get on the scale. Mom almost fell over when it read 58.8 lbs but that was b/c I was squirming a bit (OK...a LOT). When she made me sit, it registered at a svelte 54.4 lbs...a whole .4 lbs than my last weigh in. I rock! I've figured out how to diet AND eat chicken backs till my heart's content. In fact, I should have MORE chicken backs to get me back to my normal weight.

I have 4 Big Boned tumors. The special lady doctor said I'm handsome (and I AM) & checked me over real good. She felt around all of my rippling muscles and gave me a massage. But then, she took out a needle and made Mom snuggle on my head. The needle was like 24 inches long and she stuck it in my Biggest Boned tumor...and I screamed. Mom said I sounded like a little girl but hurt.(And Dot...I was very TUFF, I assure you...Mom lies.) Special Lady Doctor confirmed that it was just a BB tumor and I don't have to worry about it any more.

I do have a little bitty NON big boned tumor that the special lady wants to remove & send to the CIA for proof of my Pawesomeness but they have to do a bunch of blood work first to ensure my liver and kidneys and heart are A-OK...which I'm sure they SUPER STRONG. That'll be in a couple of weeks.

So, I'll have to get that funny laughie juice and will sleep for a while and get lots of snuggles and special treatment afterward. That doesn't sound so bad.

Oh and I have to have a toof cleaned up then too. Feel the love, my man Joe Stains.


Joe Stains said...

oh dog a 24 INCH NEEDLE, I cried a little just reading that! We are glad it was mostly good news that you got. I can't believe you have to get the teefs cleaned too, I am not looking forward to my consultation.

Amber-Mae said...

What a special day for you indeed! Oh no, your teefies are gonna get cleaned out too? Hope it won't be too painful.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mango said...

Yowsa! That needle sounds bad. Glad to hear that your bony troubles haven't intefered with food consumption. Good luck with those laughie drugs.


Mack said...

Wow- you actually LIKE going to the vet? Even after the 24 inch needle incident??

Man, you are BRAVE!

The Zoo Crew said...

Oh my dog......a 24 inch needle? I think I would've fainted! I have a huge big-boned tumor on my hip. I had one of those needles stuck in it last year but the good doctor said I was just fine. But since then, I have lotsa bumps all over my sore, achey body. It's the pits getting old.

Peace + Paws,


Maggie & Mitch said...

Wow! That's some needle! I would still be screaming! You're getting the whole over-haul! You're going to be all spiffy for the Valentine's day pawty!

Love ya lots,

One of the pack said...


Lola here. I had a vet appointment this week too. Sorry to hear about the next step in your adventure. Sounds like your Mom will make it up to you, though. Remember to look extra sad to maximize the attention and good things! Keep us posted so we can send good doggie vibes your way.

Woo Woo to you,


4xBs said...

hey, it sounds like you and your mom had a nice evening out together, walking and visiting those nice vetties. we're so sorry that you got that enormous killer needle stuck into you. we don't blame you for crying at all. geesh!

we love the weekends too for the same reasons that you do. yay for weekends!


Harry said...

I think any of us would have registered some displeasure at a 24 inch needle Sherman! I have some of those BB lumps too.

Toodle pip
Harry x

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh I so understand your pain with that stick thing. I had a pee pee issue and that had to be check b/c I got an infection. I'm better now, I get organic cranberry juice in my water. It's pretty good and I feel better too! We're sending you some good husky vibes and hope you feel better too. Now about this teeth cleaning thing, I don't know. I'll wait to see what you have to say about this.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Kapp pack said...

SOunds like you had a very thorough check-up....I had to get one of those BB tumors taken out last was no big deal...

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

Kathryn and Ari said...

Wow--I'd scream like a girl, too! Glad to hear you were so brave and that you love your vet. Good luck with the follow-up, and promise to keep us posted!

Katherine and Pippa, said...

You are one tough pawsome dog. I could not manage any of that.

I am impressed.


Gus and Louie said...

That needly scares out. You were so brave. We are really glad it wasn't anything serious and you were so lucky to get to go on walkies with Mom all by yourself...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

wally said...

Oh jeez! You poor Shermanator! I'm sure it was your MOM who was SCREAMING. I hope the CIA sends back evidence confirming your AWESOMENESS (which is obvious--stupid CIA) and that you have NO PROBLEMS. My ma ape's eyes get all watery whenever the v-e-t mentions the C word. What a wuss.


ps. Don't tell him but I like going to the v-e-t, too!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Happy weekend, woofies!

Concatulations on the teef cleanin' ... I have heard that it's not the most fun that you can have at the v-e-t, but the results are nice (your parents will let you kiss them more, right?).


The Brat Pack said...

I think that needle would have made me throw up, but not you. You're so tough Shermie. I'm sure that all those tests are just going to say you're pawsome but I already know that.


Ike said...

24 inch needle? Oh lord ... your vet is crazy!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

special walkie that ended up @ d vet.... i wouldn't wan that.....dat place gv me nightmare...

i can't imagine how it hurts having that big needle stuck into ur tumours...ouch!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Sherman!
Glad to hear that everything is well with you. I am sure that surgery will be fine too!
That 24 inch needle sounds horrible! Did you geta bounch of treats after that?? I hope so!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

No way you got a 24 inch needle- you so deserve a medal for that effort!!


Gus and Louie said...

We are off to the lake again. Another beautiful day in Texas.. Hope your weather gets warm soon so you can enjoy the lake also..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Cubby said...

I hope you got treats after THE NEEDLE!

Izzie said...

Hey Doggies. IT's award time, and you won! Pick them up at IzziesWorld!

Moco said...

The crazy old lady says don't get mixed up with the CIA. They are just a bunch of loons. Sherman, you ROCK!

Girasol said...

I hope that the 24 inch needle was only one time thing.

Randi said...

Yikes Shermie! That needle sounds horrible..but I"m sure you took it all like the big man you are...Glad you are OK....Are you gonna let Penny & Lola be nurses & take care of you?

Love & Licks,

Luckie Girl said...

Oh so that was the sharp high scream we heard all the way in Singapore! Was that you Sherman?

Chef said...

Ouch! That big bad needle sounds gruesome but you are one tough. brave pooch.Don't think about it now and you'll forget all about it. Hey, I've got a Valentine gift for you over at my blog, so go fetch! And feel free to download it to your blog! Have a great V-day. xxoChef

Asta said...

I'm twuly sowwy about the 24inch needle, but I'm so glad about the good news!!!!!
the laughie dwug sounds fun, and so does eating mowe and loosing wight..since it's been so icky out, I haven't been able to go to my wun evewyday, and I'm afwaid I might have pit on a few pouds..I guess I should eat mowe??
smoochie kisses

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh a 24 inch needle? That's so scary. I'm not even 4 inches long

~ Girl girl

Bella said...

Yikes you have been so very tuff - I know you will be fine and that f-A-T word shall forevermore be banished from your ears.
Wuffs the 'healthy figured'

Ralph said...

Man, dude, keep us up to date but glad to know you have a cool vet!


Murphy Dogg said...

Good luck with your next appt. We'll all be thinking of you.
Murphy Dogg
P.S. I don't mind having the stick put in my butt. Does that make me weird??

The Daily Echo said...

OH my dogness! They put a stick in your butt then attacked you with a 24 inch needle and you still like them?? Eeek! You're a brave, brave dog.

Boo said...

can't believe you love vet! which dog loves vet? sherman the oldman... i mean mature dog.

wet wet licks


Petra said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! A 24 inch needle is almost bigger than me. I would have screamed my head off if they put that in me. You are a very brave one.

Lenny said...

Hey Sherman, it sounds like you were very brave. After you get the other one removed, you should try to get LOTS of attention and lots of treats too.

Your friend, Lenny

ChaChi Lu said...

You are very very brave!

~ChaChi and JET

Jackson said...

Hey Sherm, I can't believe you actually LIKE going to the vet. Maybe I could get you to go in my place for my next appointment? I could paint you white and they'd barely notice the difference between us. Worth a try. J x

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh sweet dog, a 24 inch needle, I am so sorry Sherman, I am also late posting a reply to you, "hang my head in shame"......

I hope the tumours can be removed ok, I had my fatty lumps removed at Christmas, it is a good time for getting lotsa luv, Sherman, take my word for it,

Healing licks to you my friend, paws across the ocean.

love and healing love, Marvin xxxx

Jan said...

Oh, no, a long needle. We don't like needles. They make Jan hurt and she isn't even the one getting them.

We hope you are okay.

jans funny farm