Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tennis balls are the bestest

Remember the colorful tennis balls Lola's BFF Tadpole sent to her earlier this month?

Well they now look like this...

She's a total maniac & will play for hours with these things.

Her new favorite game is to drop it in the chair and then whack it with her paws till it gets stuck in the back. Then she barks at it & I have to get it out. She has me well trained.

But I get her back by making her practice Leave It and her Sit Stays.

Wanna hear a story?

I was throwing my ball all around the yard when I felt the call of nature. It was rolling down the hill and I PEED on it!!! I went to pick it up to continue playing and it smelled funny. So I just went & found my other ball. Good thing Tadpole sent me TWO!

And yes, I hosed the stupid thing off so she could still play with it. Did I mention she has me well trained?

Goodbye Sadie

Tadpole's cousin Sadie went to the bridge yesterday. She was a very loved little lady and we send our deepest sympathies to her whole family (especially his Massah-in-Law, who was Sadie's soulmate).

Be at peace, Sadie

Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Saturday

I was gonna post about this on Saturday, but we were too sad.

But. This is how we spent our day. The stupid white Dog was at Camp...annoying all the other campers (really...how does anydog actually like her???)

Grandma Kay & Grandpap Don came to visit & brought THIS! My cousin Baron.

Penny likes him because he wanted to chase her and he kinda looks like me. He can have her.

You may remember the last time he was here & I had to stay in the house all day b/c I was trying to show him that Sherman is THE boss. You will see, however, that I was on my bestest behavior (as long as he stayed away from my butt) and got to hang outside most of the day.

Mom thinks it's because the stupid white Dog wasn't here that I was well behaved. I have to show her who's boss all the time because she's annoying & forgets.

You Dogs should all be glad YOU don't live with an annoying white Dog. Or have an annoying cousin that comes to visit.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why we blog...

Oscar's passing took such a toll on so many of us. I cannot tell you how much I have cried & how heavy my heart feels every time I think of this young soul taken from all of us way too soon. And if I think of Katy & Martin for more than a second, I'm overwhelmed with grief. I don't know how they can handle it.

Jeannie (Marvin's Mom) is very effected and doesn't know if she can continue their blog. Her post is very touching & I urge all to read it.

It made me think of our blog. Why do it? I started our blog in 2005 when Scott & I decided to get a new puppy. This was my first puppy & I was beyond excited. I wanted to document her life from the moment she came home. I wanted to post about her training & be able to look back at how she progressed. We blogged for almost a year without a single comment from anyone. Our family & friends sometimes stopped by to read about how the gang was doing, but I essentially was posting for Scott & I.

Then in October 2006, I joined DWBs. Pappy & Opy were the first ones to welcome us. Our blog has taken a more whimsical tone since then & I've started a separate training blog to continue with my inital intent. But we have "met" so many wonderful dogs & humans from all over the world. I cherish the friends we've made and feel like this is my extended family. A group of people that "get" me and my crazy obsession with my canine crew. Dog People can be exhausting...I used to spend my time in various Yahoo Groups and Canine Forums. I grew so weary debating training methods, nutrition, learning theory, breeders vs. shelters, vaccines...blah, blah, blah. DWBs is my home. My happy place. I love reading everyone's blogs. I laugh (hard) every day.

I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do when something happens to one of my guys. They are such a humongous part of my life and my family. They are my best friends. I worry about Sherman the most. He's probably 10. Or 11 or DoG forbid, 12. I won't accept that he's that old, but I know he probably is. But he could live to be 17 or 18 or 25. Who knows. And Lola is genetically predisposed to a short life. I'm almost prepared for her die young. Sad, but true. I can't even think about Penny...my rock, my heart dog, my canine soulmate. She's never gonna leave me. She's not allowed. But I know I have this amazing support system that will help me through the pain and that is very comforting.

"Don't worry Mom...we'll live forever."

So Jeannie, let me say...don't put so much pressure on yourself. This is supposed to be FUN!! You don't have to post every day. You don't have to comment everyday. I can't read every blog I'd like everyday. It's that little thing called Life that gets in the way. We won't think you don't like us if you only drop by every couple of weeks. You shouldn't feel any pressure or guilt to do more than you can. Keep Marvin's blog going for YOU (ok...and for us)! So in 25 years (minimum), when he's at the bridge, you can look back & laugh & cry & have a lasting memory of all that he was. And we can do the same.

Not to mention that we would all (Lola especially) surely miss the handsome Marvin Braveheart. That is also heartbreaking.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is such a sad, sad day. One of our beloved DWBs family members, Oscar Airedale, went to the bridge this morning. He was such a young boy & this is such a tragedy.

Katy & Martin, our hearts go out to you. There are no words to express how sad we are and how hard we are grieving this amazing dog we never even had the pleasure to meet. Oscar touched everyone who "knew" him & we thank you for sharing his wonderful life with us.

This is such a hard lesson to take every day as a gift. Our life with our dogs is never long enough.

Run Free Oscar.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Circus is coming to town

HELP!! As if dealing with Lola wasn't bad enough!! Running around, chasing her stupid tennis balls, biting me in the legs....

Now I find out THIS is coming to visit!!

Apparently he & Lola are BFFs. Now I know how Lola is when she's excited...she's annoying & she runs all over the place & she barks a lot. And I've see crazy Tadpole run...the two of them together are going to be a nightmare. I prefer Lola like this:

(Yes, Penny...don't we all).


Psssst...hey guys...

Tadpole is having a hard time coming up with the cash to mail himself to me. Sooooo...in an effort to raise money for him, I'm selling Sherman. Who wants him??? You have to pay by the pound and at $1/lb...that will be appx. $923,102. I'll take a cash or a personal check.

Oh, just don't tell Mom...for some reason, she actually LIKES him.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Penny & her BFF Ethel

Ethel had a very nice post on her blog this weekend....just for Penny. Now that they've decided to be BFFs, I wanted to point out all of the fun facts about their friendship.

Ethel is very athletic...her passion is tennis balls.

Penny's athletic too...she prefers hiking.

Ethel wanted to know what Penny liked to eat. Well that's easy! Meatables! Just like Ethel!

And Fishables! Salmon or Jack Mackerel to be exact!

Ethel really LOVES her "big boned" brother Wally.

And she wanted to know if Penny loved Sherman too. Well...it used to be like this:

And this:

But...now it's like this (note sour puss on the chubby black one):

Yes, Penny loves Sherman...but only because he's her brother.

Mostly she loves her Mom (not that you can tell by her expression in this shot!).

I think Penny & Ethel are gonna make great BFFs. Kinda like these two...

One with golden locks and one with Raven hair.

Morph them together & you get something like this:

See, black hair on top, (fake) golden on the bottom. But they would never, EVER make such a Doofus face.

And they are SO much smarter than she...pretty much the rest of the world is.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Yes, I like Rachel Ray...even if she is terribly overexposed.

In case you haven't noticed, the Bone Zone has added a Recipes Section under Fun Stuff (Thank you Dachsies for such a fabulous suggestion!!!). I was very excited about this because I love to bake...for the dogs. (Poor Scotty gets the shaft & has to eat store bought sweets b/c I refuse to measure anything & it always ends up awful!)

What I didn't know is DWBs already had a Tried & True Recipes section on the homepage! I recall reading about Sunshade's Turkey Biscotti a while ago but never made it because I couldn't find it again on her blog. Lucky for us...it was on DWBs!!

And even luckier...I have all the stuff at home to make them (sort of)!! It's a pretty simple list:

1 lb of minced turkey meat (I used lean ground beef)

1 cup of quick oats (I used buckwheat flour)

2 large eggs

1 tbs of minced garlic (I used garlic powder...2 big shakes)

125 g of Parmesan cheese (I used 1/2 cup)

2 tbs of oil of your choice (I used EVOO)

0.5 cup of water (I used a big splash)


In a blender, blend turkey and eggs until as smooth as possible Pour into a large mixing bowl, add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well. (I just smooshed everything together with my hands). Spread batter on a cookie sheet (well greased with vegetable oil) or in a 9 X 12 pan about 1/3 inch in thickness. Bake at 350 F until no longer wet looking inside. Approximately 45 minutes for one pan (varies from oven to oven). Cut into small pieces after it's been cooled. Keep refrigerated or in the freezer.

Here is the end result! Like a big, dry meatloaf!

And chopped into squares...you have Sunshade's Beef Biscotti Brownies!

I also made a variation on my Garlic Cheesy Cookies (I added Salmon).

And some Liver Brownies for Penny.

It was a regular doggie buffet!!

The Dogs will do anything for these goodies. Even sit close to one another.

OR, even closer...Sherman is actually letting Lola touch him!

Happy Eating!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thanks Sparky!

That sweet little puggle, Sparky has nominated this shot of Lola as Photo of the Month over at the Bone Zone. I call it "Lola in Tad Sweater".

There are lots of great pictures nominated. Of course Lola would like you to vote for her, but we think it's more important that you Just Vote! Besides, she's gotten used to gettin' beat out by other worthy DWBs...she's been calling herself Susan Lucci.

Vote Doggies Vote!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


It's been a very long week and we are all looking forward to a little rest & relaxation this weekend. We will be doing a lot of this:

And this:

Oh and lots of eating, chewing, chasing balls and hunting in the forest.

Have a great weekend EveryPup!!

The little green monster

Miss Penny is just a weeee bit jealous of all of the attention Sherman & Lola have been getting lately.

"Sherman is so good lookin' & funny with his stuffie...blah, blah, blah.

Lola is such a goof ball & adorable in her Tad sweater...yeah, yeah, yeah.

Might I remind you all...I'm funny with my stuff.

I'm good lookin'

I'm adorable

AND I'm a goof ball.

PLUS! I have a super handsome Boyfriend named Peanut, a Spanish boyFriend named Pippa and lots of doggies want to be my BFF!! (Ethel & I have kind of a special connection though...we're fast, skinny, long-legged and have chubby, grumpy brothers).

So....NO Sherman OR Lola today. Just Penny. Shhhhesh! It's tough being the middle child. I feel like Jan Brady!

Thank you Ruby!!

The most FABULOUS Ruby Blue thinks I'm Rockin' and I don't have to share it with stoopid Sherman or Stoopid Lola. So I'm NOT!

Thank you Ruby! You Rock too!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not for Massah!!!

MASSAH! You are not allowed to read this! It's PRIVATE, 'kay?

Mom is always saying "Not For Lola" about things I'm not allowed to have (which I think is very stupid...EVERYTHING should be for Lola!) But now I can say Not For Massah!! You can read posts again tomorrow.

Do as the Diva says...

So a couple pups wanted to know about the secret present Tadpole sent me. I wasn't gonna tell, but figured I share everything else with you guys...why not? Plus you'll probably be a little jealous. And Divas love making people jealous.

Here it is. Tadpole sent me one of his sweaters!!! I do get a little cold in the winter because my fur is very short. I thought that was very considerate of him.

Isn't it cute?

I sniffed it all over (and chewed on it a bit) and let me tell you...it smelled very manly. I couldn't wait to put it on!!!!

But there was one little problem.

Um, Tadpole? It doesn't fit.

Shoot!! Mom hung it in my jail so I could smell Tad all morning while I wait for her to come home. It's BETTER than a picture of him!!

So there it is. Sorry...I'm not very good a keeping secrets.

But with a face like this...who cares!!

And...Charlie & CoCo are back!!! Yeah! I thought when they moved to Kansas City they were leaving all of their blogger buddies behind. But they came back! Yahooie!

Stop by & welcome them home.