Sunday, July 01, 2007


I was first WOWed by Retro Pet from Ruby. I was looking for some new martingale collars for the girls and Ruby always looked so fashionable. So I checked them out. I found not one, but TWO collars...for each girl & was so excited to get them.

They were finally delivered on Saturday!

So Penny & Lola have two beautiful new collars for everyday walkies (not to mention the fabulous collars we got from Huskee!!).

I'm thrilled! Penny doesn't look like a boy:

And Lola, well Lola is still very Diva.

These collars are gorgeous. They're handmade, excellent quality and slip off & on with ease (my biggest complaint about Lupine). The Girls are so stylish & hip I can hardly stand it! I would definitely recommend collars from Retro-Pet!!

I do however, have one complaint. (Ahhh the power of the Blog!!! Bitching just cuz you can!) It has nothing to do with the product (which is stellar). It's with the service. It clearly states on the website that everything is hand made & will take 10 - 15 days before it's shipped. I was fine with that. But after one month of not receiving anything but a bill from my Visa, I was a little anxious & contacted the company. I was told she had been sick & was unable to sew & that was the reason for the delay. That would have been fine with me...had she shot me an email & said "Hey, I'm running a little behind due to personal reasons and hope to get your order to you as soon as possible." I'm HUGE on customer service (my marketing background, I suppose). And the fact that they had my money for a month without me seeing anything (or hearing from them) had me a bit peeved. And, AND...when I inquired about the delay, I got an excuse, not an apology. That also irked me.

But. I'm over it. The collars are really awesome. They've held up to the Penny & Lola test...which is HARD to pass (they're still intact & as good as new). And I would definitely recommend Retro Pet to others. No doubt. Just stay on top of your order and expect a few weeks for delivery. It is worth it.