Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Howwwlloween Barkday!!

Hey DWB's! It's Halloween...and do you know what that means? Do ya? Do ya? That's right, as Mom's my 3rd BARKDAY!!! (Dad says it's no coincidence that my birthday falls on the devil's holiday...but whatever...he's STOOPID!)

So far it's been great. Dad got me this super awesome special Howloween Barkday hat...(don't worry, that's not a real spider...but am I not super adorable in orange?)

Plus Dad let me do ALL the stuff I LOVE to do today...

Hanging w/my BFF in the yard...

Play ball...

Eat Sherman's Super Stinky Salmon cookies (Thanks Mom!)

Hunt for Squirrels AND play with my ball!!

Take Dad for a walk...

All in's been a GREAT barkday! What more could a girl ask for?

If you guys want to get me something for my birthday, just do me a favor. What I REALLY CHANGE. So on Tuesday, make sure you get out and vote! (OK, Dad bribed me with an extra stinky salmon cookie to say this...but come on, they're deeeeelicious!! You would too!)

I'm THREE!!!!