Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly...

Ok guys, here's the deal...

We'll start with the Bad. The negotiations went pretty well & we decided not to go on strike. Mom explained that she gets really busy this time of year at work because of some stupid thing called Taxes and that's why we haven't been able to post much....which is BAD. But she promised to post at least once a week AND make us more salmon cookies AND take us on long walks AND get us back to regular visiting VERY soon.

And we promised to keep guarding the house while she and Dad are at work AND snuggle with her in bed at night AND let her feed us meatables b/c that makes her feel good.

Speaking of it is!! Mack sent us a St. Patty's Day box! We got it a little late, but who cares! The dog on the card looks like Sophie after way too much caffeine! Guess who's gonna be all over that giant ball???

These should keep us busy for a while. And Look! They're good for our teefers too!

Toss one of those suckers over here.

Hmmm, they smell like chicken.

And taste like chicken too!

As you can imagine, Chubs devoured his in about 10 seconds.

It didn't take Lola long to finish hers either.

Then it was on to the toys! I think Lola is actually giving Mom a dirty look because she's hanging on to that ball....little brat.

Now she's happy...

Sherman tried to hoard the Shamrock Loofa...

But I stole it from him!

And then Lola stole it from me.

Thank you Mack! We love all of our stuff.

And now for the Ugly....

Right after Mom took these pictures, Sherman and Lola got into a HUGE fight. I, of course, had to jump in and try to protect my sister so pretty soon, we were all fighting. Mom was yelling at us and trying to get us to stop but things got really ugly. Someone (NOT ME!) ended up biting Mom in the hand, by accident of course and she was bleeding and really mad at us. Sherman & Lola have puncture wounds on their faces...I'm fine, naturally. But Mom didn't talk to us for a really long time & we're all kinda grounded.

I don't think we'll be threatening to go on strike again anytime soon.