Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy (Belated) Gotcha Day Shermie!!

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I was at a wedding out of town & didn't get to a computer. Thank you to everyone who sent Sherman Happy Gotcha/Burpday wishes!! We're going to put off his celebration for a couple of weeks so I can have a whole day off work to celebrate with him.

But here's a little story of how Sherman became the Original Dog of Jackman Avenue.

Six years ago today, our lives changed forever. I had been bugging Scott about getting a cat. I also was looking at puppies...for about 6 months, I would go on & look at all the available dogs & cats in the area. Some I would send to him & he'd entertain the thought for a few minutes & then dismiss it. One day, he forwarded a picture of a RottiLabX named Zena. "Why don't you call & see if she's still there...maybe we can go look at her on Saturday". She was still there & I was beyond excited at the possibility of finally getting a pet.

So Saturday we drove the hour to the Butler Co Humane Society and spotted Zena right away. She was the crazed dog jumping about 6 feet in the air...growling & snarling at me everytime I approached the cage. I was very intimidated & scared of her so we walked around the kennels for 15-20 minutes & decided to spend some time with a LabX, Moose and a LabSharpei, Cookie. Moose walked into the meet & greet room, peed on the wall and started running around the room. Scott looked at me and mouthed "NO!". Cookie came in next & was sweet and gentle, but very aloof. She basically ignored us...Scott found this endearing, but I wanted to see a couple other dogs first.

There were two other dogs we wanted to see, both in the same pen. One was a yellow lab mix and the other was medium sized black dog. Apparently they had been found together, along the side of the road in a ditch and were both a year old. When we initally walked by their cage, the Lab (who was bigger) kept trying to pushing the black dog out of the way...but the black dog demanded to be seen & his tail was wagging like CRAZY! I wanted to see the Yellow Lab first, but Scott liked the black one. We never even got to meet the Lab…Sherman walked into the room, right up to Scott and rolled right onto the floor at his feet to have his belly rubbed. It was all over.

Sherman was a great first dog...for the most part, he was housebroken. He wasn't destructive. He was pretty easy to walk on leash. He just sort of came into our home & fit right in. He's my best buddy.

Happy Gotcha Day to Sherman!

Thank you for changing our lives forever! We're very glad you decided to stay.