Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My weekend - by Lola

Penny got to post about her weekend (show-off!), so I wanted to say a little something about mine.

Friday night I ate a bee (we think) and my right jowl swelled up to the size of a ping pong ball. Mom gave me a big meatball and the swelling went away (it was laced with Benedryl). Saturday, she woke up and my left jowl was swollen. Yay! More meatballs for me!! Saturday afternoon my eye swelled...'nother meatball!! And Saturday night, my chin swelled...yep, 'nother meatball. She was all ready to take me on an adventure to the ER vet on Sunday, but I was fine. No more swelling for Lola. Da Diva is back!!

Mom did take this picture of my swollen jowls. Dad says he can't tell the difference b/c I'm pretty jowly to begin with, but take my word for it...I'm swelled (and doped up on Benedryl!).

Sunday, since I was all better, I got to graduate from Rally class. I was pretty excited (BAD) at the beginning but I settled down by the end & we did OK. I'm no Penny (no darlin'...you are not. Yet.), but I'll get there.

Here I am practicing my Sit Stays with distractions...my Pixburgh boyfriend Apache was there & I REALLY wanted to play with him!!! But I was good. See??

And here I am with my Grad-ee-a-shun pressie. Cookies!!!

Apache...I'll share my cookies!!!

Oh & I have to do the middle name tag. Here it is:





Unbeliveably adorable

Total Diva

Now I tag Eddie & Peaches (and Bella too) and Sitka.