Friday, May 04, 2007

Foto Shoot Friday...Hello Springtime!

Just what are you dogs staring at????

"Something is up there!"

IT'S A SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Sammy Squirrel has a nest in the big tree in our back yard & enjoys spending the better part of his day taunting the dogs.

"Oh Penny, just wait...he'll fall. He'll fall right out of that tree & into our mouths."

"Really??? Do you think?"

"Oh yes...he's gonna fall one of these days. And then we'll feast."

"He's moving!!!"

"Stupid'll never catch me!!"

Lola could care less. She's much more concerned about the tennis balls I bought her from the dollar bins at Target (all these...$2.50! Gotta love Target!)

"I'M SITTING!!!! Throw the stupid thing already!!"

Action shot...mid shake.

We hope Everypup has a fantastic weekend! Go hunt Squirrels!