Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Top 5 Pet Peeves of Other Dog Owners

5. Owners who allow their dogs to jump all over people in public insisting "He's really friendly!". My dogs have to sit while people walk past them & can say hello if the stranger is interested in meeting them. A lot of people are afraid of dogs. Now when you come to my house...that's a whole other story! Enter at your own risk!

4. Owners who allow their kids to tease, taunt & otherwise abuse ("petting" aka smacking, pulling tails, ears, fur, throwing stuff at, trying to ride like a horse etc) the family dog then punish the dog when it growls at the kid. Punish the kid!

3. Owners who leave their dogs outside & allow them to bark, and bark, and bark...non-stop for hours on end. This is particuarly annoying when done at 6:30 am on a Saturday.

2. Owners who allow their dogs to run off leash & have no control over them. So when I say, "Call your dog, my dogs are NOT friendly"...typicallythe dog ignores the owner, runs right up to them, gets in their face and I have to try to keep my dogs from completely freaking out (Sherman & Penny have major personal space issues). I really hate that.

and my #1, with out a doubt, biggest Pet Peeve of Other Dog owners

1. People who do not clean up after their dogs!

This was all prompted by the large elephant-sized mound of doggie doo that someone left on the sidewalk in front of our house. What is wrong with people? It's unsanitary, it's gross & worst of all, it's inconsiderate. If I can manage to clean up after 3 dogs, why can't my neighbors clean up after their one? I take such issue with this and am constantly cleaning up after other people's dogs.

And for the life of me...I can't figure out why I'm so grossed out cleaning up other dogs poop, but have no problem cleaning up after my own dogs.