Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here comes the SUN!!!

I just couldn't be any happier than I am today!!

1. I'm not sick anymore.
2. DSL started today.
3. It's not raining, snowing, windy or frigid.
4. The sun is shining & there is not a cloud in the sky.
5. My dogs are perfect!

I actually don't hate winter...I just wish it would snow hard for 3 weeks and then be summer. I LOVE mild sunny days with little wind & no humidity.

The Dogs were long overdue for a lengthy trek so I took Sherman & Penny out first and honestly, it was the nicest walk we've had in a year. We patrolled the neighborhood for an hour and just enjoyed being outside. They were both on their best behavior & I think we only had 3 or 4 major sniff stops (Sherman has to smell every inch of the neighborhood & it can be really annoying). We saw a bunch of dogs out walking too & had one teeny incident where Penny had a 4 second melt down that was quickly diffused.

Lola was almost a normal dog too. Don't know if it was her trip back to Camp after a 2 week hiatus, or the Rescue Remedy I gave her, or the Chill Out I rubbed all over her neck, or the fact I was in such a good mood. But we had a 45 minute walk with one minor freak out over 2 dogs walking across the street from us. I tried to do a Walk Away, but we haven't worked on that for a couple of months (Bad Jenny!) so I just told her to Leave It and she did...after getting the last word in.

Penny was in her glory all afternoon sunning herself on the deck. This is where she'll be every afternoon in the summer.