Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Look what came in the mail today!! A big box just for Meeeeeee! It's from my BFF Tadpole Pomegranate. See, my picture's on it so it's not for Sherman or for Penny. Just for MMMmmeeeeeeee!!!!!

Tadpole even wrote me a nice long note...

And gave me his autograph!

And inside the box was all kinds of pressies! All for Meeeee!

Tadpole knows me very, very well & sent me my most favorite things of all. Tennis Balls! Giant ones too. And a brand new Giggle Ball!! Yahoooie!

Look at all this stuff I got!!

Nothing for Penny or Sherman!!!

OK...that's a lie. Tad sent Sherman the squeaky stuffy.

But I growled at him when he tried to come & take it.

And an extra pink stuffed doggie for Penny. I don't know if I'm going to share with her though.

I don't have much of a choice with Sherman...he steals stuff.

I was confused by one of the toys.

But played with my new big pink ball ALL NIGHT!!

THANK YOU BFF TADPOLE!!! I LOVE ALL OF MY PRESSIES! (even the secret one - shhh)