Friday, January 05, 2007

Laura, Charlie's mom, saw Lola's ear issues & quickly jumped in to offer a solution (Thank you again, Laura!). Not having any gauze, I tried Vet Wrap.

Mmmm 'kay...that worked for about 10 minutes (long enough for me to take pics hee hee!!) and then she rolled it back onto her neck & it was really tight & I started to freak & think she'd turn blue. So we took it off. And she immediately shook her head as hard as she could & broke the ear open again! AAAaaahhhhh!

Yes, Lola looks like a little old lady in a babushka!

Can you just see her plotting my death in her head????

And just to show how pissed she was about the whole "wrapping the head up in hot pink Vet Wrap" thing...she stole the roll off the coffee table and attempted to chew it up to prevent further embarrassment.

Little does she know that I have add'l rolls in blue & red...mmmwwhhhaaaaa!!!!

OK now Laura...couple of questions. Were Charlie's ear flipped back or flattened to his head? Cause he doesn't look like Lola did. And how long did you keep the gauze on? All the time? Or did he get time off to let his ears breathe? How many days till he was healed?

(This is sweet, sweet Charlie everyone! I stole his pic from Laura's Blog!)

He doesn't look much happier than Lola did, huh? But, I'm gonna pick up some gauze tomorrow (probably breathes better too).

Training progress (01/04/07):

Penny - I love this dog. I really, really, really love this dog. Two days into our new LLW protocol & she is damn near perfect. Started with lots of direction changes to get her focus on me. Didn't take long. Stopped on the side streets & did stays, recalls & heeling. Ran/jogged for the last 1/2 block. Penny loved it!! I'm trying very hard to keep things super duper fun for her (I have a tendancy to be too serious w/ PW) and there is a noticable difference.

Lola - Didn't start out too well. The second we walked outside...jingle, comes another dog. Wooffffff!!!! Back in the house. Reinforced her for being calm & went on the porch. She was a little stressed, but managed to do sits, downs & touch and we left once she was calm. She saw a big trash can (it was dark outside) and woofed but I took her over to inspect it & once she sniffed she looked at me "So, what's the big deal??" Took her a while to focus on me (used direction changes & circles) but got great eye contact & heeling about 2 minutes in. She started to stress at the end of the street (there is another Boxer around the bend that always Woofs at her) so we just stayed on our street & worked both sides. Finished on the porch with lots of eye contact, downs & stays.