Monday, August 13, 2007

White Boxers

Sparky the Puggle tagged me to tell you all about my breed, the Boxer. In particular, I will be highlighting specifics about Boxers like no, not Diva Boxers. White Boxers. There aren't too many of us in the blogging world that I know of...just me & Ellie. So sit back & I'll tell you all about us.

You can take some time & read up on the History of the Boxer...but in a nut shell, we originated in Germany & we used to bait Bulls (and eat their pizzles). You may also want to read a little about the Boxer Breed Standard (AKC) and if you did, you would notice one important thing...I don't fit!! That's right. As perfect as I am, I'm discriminated against by my color (how rude!!).

White Boxers are just like other Boxers, however some breeders feel that white Boxers are inferior to standard colored Boxers and have more health problems that standard colored boxers. These breeders typically cull (kill) the white puppies at birth! This practice isn't as common as it once was, but it still happens. So if you want to buy a Boxer puppies, in addition to the other qualities you should look for in a breeder, you should make sure they are White Boxer Friendly!!

Here are some quick facts on White Boxers:

1. White boxers are not rare (but we are special!).
2. Approximately 25 percent of all boxers born are white (I had 3 other white brothers & sisters).
3. White boxers are not albinos (but we're very cute!).
4. White boxers can sunburn easy (yes we can! I get very pink if I'm in the sun too long. Please apply baby sunscreen to us white dogs if we are going to be outside for a long time).

5. White boxers can be deaf and sometimes blind (About 13% of us are deaf).
6. Some people have argued that whites are sicker and have more cancer but this has never been proven (I'm as healthy as a horse!).
7. White boxers can be registered BUT the white boxer does not meet the American Boxer Club's standard. The members code of ethics states that it is a infraction to register with the American Kennel Club a boxer of any color not allowed by the Standard (I have Limited registration which I could compete in events like Agility or Rally if my Mom would get off her fat butt and train me more).
8. White boxers should be spayed/neutered (Yes they should...although I would make some cute Diva babies!).
9. White boxers have the same temperment and personality as colored boxers (so I am just as fun as Cairo, Peanut, Cubby, Bella, Charlie & my other Boxer buddies!).
10. Check boxers are whites that have spots of fawn or brindle on them (Hey! I'm a Checked Diva!).

So that's it. White Boxers rule!