Saturday, February 10, 2007

Our Blogging buddy Cubby recently brought a situation to our attention at Legacy Boxer Rescue. Apparently a Momma Boxer was at a shelter in Texas...surrendered b/c she was pregnant. The Rescue took her in (and named her Gidget) and gave this little girl and her new pups a chance at a real life.

I'm a firm believer that we need to do all we can to help the dogs in our own hometown. There are so many dogs (and cats & rabbits & ferrets, etc) in Pittsburgh in need and I try to put all of my resources into helping those close to home. But, Penny & Lola convinced me that we had to send them a little something to help out (OK...and Sherman gave the final go ahead). And I'm very glad I did. I'm really impressed by what I've read of Legacy and they have so many Boxers in need of new homes. To take on a Momma dog & her new pups definately puts a strain on their funds.

So kudos to Cubby for bringing Gidget and her pups to our attention, to the foster family that's giving these puppies a shot at a really great life & to all of our fellow Doggie Bloggers who stepped up & sent these pups a little something. I'm honored to Blog along side yinz guys!

If you're in a giving mood...and you're into Boxers, check out Legacy & send them a buck or two. Gidget says thanks & sends nubby wiggles!

Dog People rock!