Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Penny & her BFF Ethel

Ethel had a very nice post on her blog this weekend....just for Penny. Now that they've decided to be BFFs, I wanted to point out all of the fun facts about their friendship.

Ethel is very athletic...her passion is tennis balls.

Penny's athletic too...she prefers hiking.

Ethel wanted to know what Penny liked to eat. Well that's easy! Meatables! Just like Ethel!

And Fishables! Salmon or Jack Mackerel to be exact!

Ethel really LOVES her "big boned" brother Wally.

And she wanted to know if Penny loved Sherman too. used to be like this:

And this: it's like this (note sour puss on the chubby black one):

Yes, Penny loves Sherman...but only because he's her brother.

Mostly she loves her Mom (not that you can tell by her expression in this shot!).

I think Penny & Ethel are gonna make great BFFs. Kinda like these two...

One with golden locks and one with Raven hair.

Morph them together & you get something like this:

See, black hair on top, (fake) golden on the bottom. But they would never, EVER make such a Doofus face.

And they are SO much smarter than she...pretty much the rest of the world is.