Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rock On Doggies!

Suki wanted us to get in touch with our inner rock star and find our Rocking equivalent.

This is what we came up with!

Lola - Mine is easy. My BFF Tadpole doesn't call me Lola Sprout Beyonce for nuthin!
(Sprout because I'm little...Beyonce because I'm a Diva)

Marvin, can you handle this?...Stanley, can you handle this?...Tadpole, can you handle this???

I don't think they can handle this...WOOOOOO!

Isn't Lola too bootylicious for ya babe???

Penny - Well I would definitely be Shakira...I got the hip shakin' (nubbin wigglin') down pat!

And...I could talk to my boyFriend Pippa in SPANISH!!!

Sherm - Dad picked out mine...am I that transparent??? Yes, yes, yes, I do love Meatloaf.

Dot-Spot...expect your own private rendition of Paradise by the Dashboard Light in your mailbox soon.