Monday, January 29, 2007

Sherman & I had a blast at Dynamic Dogs tonight. Marsha took the class to Univ. of Pitt's Oakland campus to visit with some students. My little Bubba did such a great job...both with all of the other dogs & the students. Marsha brought Sandy, her Cocker Spaniel and there was a mini poodle, a toy/mini Rat Terrier & a GSDx. All of us are recent TDI grads & this really gets the dogs used to many different environments. We walked around the Cathedral of Learning & hung out with some students in one of the classrooms.

Sherman was on his A+ bestest behavior. He actually tried to play with some of the other dogs & other than that, he just hung out like a totally normal dogs (Sherman can get grouchy & bossy with other dogs...especially other males that are bigger than him). He was very friendly with everyone he met and was particularly fond of the 1/2 dozen butt rubs he got from some lovely female undergrads. I was very proud of my little man.

And I'm happy to report, Sherman did a great job of securing Pitt's campus. I think that was his favorite part!