Saturday, April 29, 2006

It was back to school for Lola today. She was in rare form as adolescence seems to be slamming into us like a brick wall. Even though she & Penny played (hard) for 2 hours before class, she was not interested in paying any attention to me what-so-ever. There was a lot of discussion of adolescent behaviors in class and how to handle problems and we really didn't work a whole lot. She was not happy about having to settle & I was not happy w/ her behavior. She was squirming and straining at the end of the leash and almost pulled out of her collar a few times. I put a slip collar on her (which she was not happy about) and she eventually relaxed.

When she did work, she did very well. She's heeling well, has a great sit, down has been a bit forgotten so I'll need to get back to work on this, attention is OK (depending on the distractions). Her walks will be limited next week (she's getting spayed) so that should give me some time to tire her out w/some training.