Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Things get a little better everyday. Lola has really settled in. She knows she is home & is really starting to show her personality. She is exactly what I wanted in a puppy...confident, smart, attentive, friendly, social & very comical. She's surprisingly not overly clingy either...with the exception of being separated from her pack. I find her often playing by herself w/ a toy or chewie when the other dogs are resting. She & Penny continue to be best buddies. It was warm again today & they play outside for about 20 minutes at lunchtime.

The DAP thingy seems to be working pretty well (the technical term being ComfortZone w/ Dog Appeasing Pheromones). I'll admit, I was skeptical & it really could be coincidence. But the nighttime crying is completely gone & the screaming when we leave for work is noticably reduced. Scott said she settled down w/in 5 minutes after being put in the ExPen. The ExPen is working out well too. I put one of Scotty's t-shirts in with her & when I came home at lunch, she was curled up on it. Looks like we have another Daddy's Little Girl. I still have a lot of work to do w/ her before she's crated during the day. I want her to love her crate like Penny did.

We spent 10 minutes or so in the front yard on a long line taking in the neighborhood. I wish we had a little more daylight. I'm trying to get her used to her leash. She's not fighting too much...she'd prefer to chew it! I confirmed that we're signed up for KinderPuppy class at Animal Friends beginning 1/21. If the WPHS has their Tuesday night class, she'll be attending that one too. I'm waiting to hear when it will be starting up...quite possibly on the 31st.

My perfect little canine family!