Monday, April 07, 2008

More Shermans!

Hello Pups and Hammies!

Thanks for all of the advice on our little sibling rivalry situation. Lola is still being pretty b*tchy and she picked another fight with Penny on Friday. Oooooo, even I know that's a bad idea. Dad grabbed her before anything happened but Lola spent the rest of the night in jail. Ha Ha! She's been pretty well behaved since then.

But enough about that. Here is something pretty cool. Mom won an auction for Legacy Boxer Rescue to name one of the puppies from poor Justine's litter. He's the little red boy you might have seen on Cubby's blog.

Even I think he's pretty cute...

Mom and I decided to name him...what else? SHERMAN!

Because the world definitely needs more Shermans!

And here is something not so cool...I have to go to the V.E.T. on Wednesday morning for a little nip/tuck. I'm having the not-so-fatty tumor removed from my leg. If you guys could send me some good thoughts, Mom would appreciate it. I'm not real worried about it, but you guys know Mom...worry, worry, worry. I'll make sure she lets know guys know how it goes.

One more week till STUPID taxes are OVER!