Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All about US!

We've been tagged by Wally , Scubee & (Penny's future sister-in-law), Lady Kaos to post 8 random/interesting things about ourselves. As there are 4 of us, we each get to divulge 2 things. I'll let the Dogs speak for themselves.


1. ~sigh~ Like Wally, I was once on diet dog food. Once & for all people...I am BIG BONED! That food made my pee turn to blood so I had to change. I like my new food better anyway.

2. Mom & Dad thought I was a year old when they adopted me. HA!! Gotcha! I was closer to 5 or 6. Do I know how to market myself or what???

Yep...I'm THAT GOOD!


3. My official job is to wake up Scotty on the weekends. I wait all morning because he's lazy & likes to sleep late. But then Mom decides he been sleeping long enough & sends me upstairs to wake him. I jump right on top of him & love to step on these special Jewels he keeps saying he should keep in a Cup when he sleeps. Then I snort in his face & nibble his nose. He pretends like he hates it.

4. When I was littler, I got attacked at the dog park & all of the skin on my left side was ripped right from my body! That's why I have a scar on my side & had to give up my modeling career.

And I could have been a star...


5. I love to stare at myself in the mirror and will sometimes growl & bark at my gorgeous reflection. Sometimes when I'm playing with my ball, I will catch sight of me and stop so I can admire myself. It makes my nubbin' wiggle really hard.

6. I LOVE to snuggle. I have to be touching Mom, Dad or Penny at all times when we lay around & relax. When I watch TV with Mom at night, I have to lay as close as I can. Sometimes even right on top of her.

Penny is my favorite to snuggle with.


7. I'm a reformed cat person. I still love cats. Sherman was supposed to be a cat. Funny how fate works.

8. I'm allergic to dogs. Actually dog saliva. None of the Dogs (or anyone else's dogs) can kiss me anywhere on my face, neck, hands or arms or I break out in horrible hives.

It looks like pretty much everyone else has been tagged for this game. But if you've somehow been overlooked...Tag Yourself!