Sunday, October 14, 2007

We're not neglected, just our blog!

It is finally cooled down around here and we are all SO excited. We're finally getting lots of great walkies and enjoying temps in the 60s. Unfortunately, that means Mom has been totally neglecting out blog.

Today was pretty much the perfect day. Penny & I went on a walk all over the neighborhood for an HOUR! I spread so much pee mail, I ran out at the end! Then Mom walked Lola for 45 minutes and we spent the rest of the morning hanging out in the yard.
Penny & Lola played with their big tomato...

And chased each other all over the yard.

I hung out and supervised. And for the record, I was not digging a new hole. Swear it.

Then we hung out on the deck & ate big giant marrow bones...not to many days left for us to snack alfresco, so we stayed out there as long as we could.

See how sunny it is here! And even better, it's only in the 60s. Ahhhhhh, I love Fall!
Penny was kind of bummed that the Steelers didn't play today so she & Lola took a nap in the afternoon.

I just hung out & chewed some more.

We'll be around to visit everyone tomorrow!