Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Scott & I bought new furniture this weekend & we had it delivered today. A new sectional couch, coffee table & sofa table. We had to move the old stuff out to get the new stuff in. The dogs were not happy about all of the commotion.
About 3 1/2 years ago, we bought a new loveseat & ottoman for Penny. I don't really think it was originally for meant Penny, but it is *her* spot. We moved it into the dining room to make room for the new stuff & she made it very clear that it was to remain in this house!

"Don't you touch my loveseat!!"

So, as ghetto as it may be, the loveseat may stay in the dining room. Actually, exactly where it is in that picture. It's not really in the way and it'll keep her off the new stuff. We may end up moving it to the bedroom. It would fit nicely in there and would keep her off our bed!

Sherman prefers the ottoman.

And Lola just bounces from one piece of furniture to another. She's like a little monkey!