Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick

It's been pretty crappy this last week. First Mom's car got sick, then I got sick, then BLOGGER got sick. Mom's been trying to make this post for 2 days, but it wouldn't let her upload any pictures.

She was going to post anyway, but I wanted everypup to see how icky I feel.

Pretty super icky...

(She'll tell you all about it at the bottom of this post). you guys remember the secret present my BFF Tadpole sent to me last year? I really wanted to wear it this winter, but it still didn't fit.

One of Mom's work friends got a new puppy last month and I said she could have my special Tadpole sweater. It fit her perfectly!!

Her name is Aggie & she's a Figgle-dog so I knew Tad wouldn't mind if I shared my present.

I'm trying to get her Mom to start her very own blog, but haven't quite convinced her yet.

(OK...the deal with Lola. She started getting sick on Monday night. She really hadn't been herself since Saturday though. She was really mopey & not all that interested in food...which is really strange for her. Monday night she started throwing up off and on all night. Tuesday she still wouldn't eat and was very lethargic and obviously uncomfortable. The diarrhea started then too. I took her to the Vet today and her vitals are normal, but she was very dehydrated. They did Sub-Q fluids under her skin & almost all of it was absorbed. They also took blood to test kidney & liver function & check for signs of Pancreatitis, but won't have the results until tomorrow. She has to fast for 24 hours and then I start antibiotics. I'm hoping this is just a bacterial issue and nothing else. Good thoughts for the Diva would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry we haven't been around much to visit. It was a busy weekend followed by an equally busy week. We'll be making our rounds soon though. Promise!!

~ Jen)