Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Saturday

I was gonna post about this on Saturday, but we were too sad.

But. This is how we spent our day. The stupid white Dog was at Camp...annoying all the other campers ( does anydog actually like her???)

Grandma Kay & Grandpap Don came to visit & brought THIS! My cousin Baron.

Penny likes him because he wanted to chase her and he kinda looks like me. He can have her.

You may remember the last time he was here & I had to stay in the house all day b/c I was trying to show him that Sherman is THE boss. You will see, however, that I was on my bestest behavior (as long as he stayed away from my butt) and got to hang outside most of the day.

Mom thinks it's because the stupid white Dog wasn't here that I was well behaved. I have to show her who's boss all the time because she's annoying & forgets.

You Dogs should all be glad YOU don't live with an annoying white Dog. Or have an annoying cousin that comes to visit.