Monday, January 01, 2007

We had a great 2006 & hope to have an even better 2007! Wishing health & happiness to all of our friends & canine companions!

My personal goals for 2007 (for me & the Dogs):

*Lose 10 lbs (don't I have this goal at the beginning of every year???)

*Exercise more - I hope to start running w/ Lola & Penny & hiking more with all 3.

*Spend more QT with the pups. I've been pretty busy this past couple of months & have really gotten away from our training & fun stuff.

*Post more training progress in our Blog (in addition to fun pictures & goofy stuff!!)

*Finally start using the dehydrator I got for Xmas 2 years ago & make lots of good healthy treats for the dogs (Hare-Today is always a great back-up!!)

*Get Lola's CGC by year-end (she's no where near ready for therapy work but will be great at it one day!)

*Stop spending so much $$ on Dog stuff...I think I'm pretty stocked on Dog Books & DVDs (well...a few more here & there won't hurt) & the dogs have as more toys than ONE dog could possibly need (not to mention beds, collars, leashes, harnesses, coats, treats, etc).

*Have one date a week with Scotty (he's rolling his eyes reading this...OK, I'll settle for once a month?)