Friday, November 18, 2005

So I ordered a bunch of stuff from & it finally came today. I've been hearing a lot about these Cuz toys & how everyone's dogs are going nuts over them. So I ordered 6. Well the spoiled brats could care less. They did, however, love the giggly toys I bought (I got 6 of those too). 2 lions, 2 bears, 2 puppies.

Here they are playing with their new giggly lion:

I started looking around at my house & realized how many things these dogs had. Spoiled indeed!

Today's order (6 giggly toys, 6 Cuz toys, 6 Bully sticks, 6 Braided Bully sticks):

Here's their "downstairs" toy basket:

And their "upstairs" toy basket:

And I haven't even taken pictures of the Kong Basket...that will take a whole post in itself.

Why do we have such good stuff????

"Because we're very good puppies"!!

I just love these dogs!!

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