Tuesday, November 13, 2007

She's losing it!

I can't believe Mom posted about my adventures on Saturday but left out the best part...the MEATABLES! Yes, running around with other dogs is very exciting but I know you guys are more interested in the good stuff.

So here it is! Our big chest freezer...filled with Raw Beefables, Liverables, Gizzardables, Lambables, Tripeables & Cornish Game Henables. And underneath that stuff are our chicken backables & turkey neckables. Hmmmm, looks like Mom snuck one of her pizzables in there too. Guess that means she has to share with us when she eats it.

We even had to stash some of the the stuff in the upstairs freezer. I know, I know...Mom & Dad don't have a lot of room for their stuff but hey...3 dogs, 2 humans. You guys do the math. Sherman & Penny may not have gone on the roadtrip with me, but I promised to share all the food I brought back with me so they said No Problem!

And She forgot to post this video so you could see how fast I can run!!

To make matters worse, Mom put my Barkday present from Seadra & Zoe in this box to open last weekend and FORGOT ABOUT IT!!! Something about getting her hair done & shopping for new clothes for work. Priorities Mom!

So anyway...those sweet little sisters sent me a great present! They must know how much I like chasing balls b/c they sent me TWO...probably one for each year I've been alive. They also sent a sqeaky stuffy bone & a big bag of Chicken Jerky. I'm supposed to share the jerkey with Penny & Sherman.

Ummmm, I don't think so! Not after Penny stole THIS ball.

And Sherman stole THIS ball.

I'm just gonna lay here & chew on my stuffie. I'll let you guys think of ways to make it up to me. If they're good enough...I MIGHT share my jerky.

Oh, and I know I've been hogging the blog a lot lately...but don't worry, Sherman & Penny will be back later this week with some updates for you.