Sunday, June 01, 2008

Our Doggy Vacation

Hurray! Our Auntie Kristen is here this week to spend time with us. Sherman and I are showing her our blog and introducing her to all of our DWB friends.

Our Auntie Kristen has no puppers of her own... she had some turtles once, but they are not nearly as fun as I am. So we have been helping her learn all about dogs and how to take care of us.

Our first problem:

Auntie Kristen should have taken better notes when her and mom talked about dog stuff, because Auntie couldn't remember if she should feed us once a day or twice a day.

I told her, "Auntie Kristen, with Dog as my witness, we eat twelve times a day."

Auntie Kristen didn't believe me. Com'on Auntie Kristen! You don't believe this face?

We also made sure to tell Auntie Kristen that we HAVE to be walked each and every day, sometimes more than once, and that on our walks we must stop every 4 feet and sniff. She should just wait until we’re done sniffing to continue the walk.

Also, we explained we ALWAYS sleep in bed with mom and dad, so Auntie Kristen must let us do the same.

Auntie Kristen is such a quick learner – we are eating lots and lots, going for walks AND cuddling at night!

In fact, it’s my turn for a walk, so I have to go get ready!