Thursday, September 06, 2007

We need to go away more often!

Yes, I'll was nice to be lazy for a couple of days. It's still really hot here so I spent the past holiday weekend lounging around and catching some rays.

But it's been so fun coming back!! First of all, our little buddy Orion is also back from his blogging hiatus.

And he gave us the most tremendous compliment! He loves our Blog!!

Well Sherman, Lola & I thank you for this huge accolade. I think you're supposed to spread the love but there is NO WAY I could pick only a couple blogs that I love! I love all the DWB blogs! So I'm sending love to
Sparky's Mama. I love her blog because there are lots & lots of pictures of FOOD on it! She is a great cook & makes my Mom feel so guilty because she doesn't cook that much.

And speaking of Sparky...Yep, that's right. I took a picture of Sparky's picture. And how did I get such a nice picture?

It came in this GIANT BOX OF PRESSIES!

Now, I have no idea how Sparky found the time to get this box together. He's been so busy with his new baby brother, Patches. But I am very glad he did! Can you see all the loot we got? Porky Pumpers, a giant box of cookies, Peanut Butter scented tennis balls for Lola, chicken & veggie treats (that are SO delicious!!) and more!
Sparky is so cool he even has his own cookie!

Sherman (of course) got the tear apart ball...which he promptly hoarded in the corner. Lola & I stole it later & tore it all apart though! Never fear Sparky, it still has all of it's guts.

Lola hasn't gotten to the tennis balls yet...she's been too busy with the cookies!

And I decided I'd take this chewie bone & keep it all to myself.

Thank You So Much Sparky for all of our presents!! You are the bestest!